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Our University is in need of ‘Biomedical incinerator system’ for laboratory. A small unit. (Chemistry, Physics & Biology). Kindly suggest a suitable one from your available product range.   > Send Inquiry
> You can check Our Solid Liquid Common Waste Incinerator page. I have also sent you email with some details.
bjr jaimerai avoir tout prospectusses et facturespreformat de tt incinerateurs dechets dure  > Send Inquiry
> Please send message in English
I source equipment and resources for the lifesciences and biotechnology research organizations in Kerala. One of my client is planning to install an incinerator to process biomedical waste. They are yet to decide the capcity. As of my knowledge, they may be going for a capacity of around 50 to 100 Kgs waste per day. Kindly let me know whether you have any representatives in Kerala. I would like to get more details about your products and services. Kindly also let me know if you have any installations in Kerala.  > Send Inquiry
> I have replied you by mail with the Quotation.
we require a portable 10 kg/hr incinerator. Please send your lowest quote  > Send Inquiry
> Quotation is Sent. Please check your mail.
Dear Sir We are looking to acquire a waste incinerator for our manufacturing plant. We are pharma manufactuer in Algiers Algeria. We are looking at a system that would have a capacity of around 50 kg /hour. the unit must be in full compliance with international standard as far as fume captation. Must be city gas operated. Must be compact and as much as possible mobile/movable (self contained on skid or trailer.)  > Send Inquiry
> Hello, I have sent the mail with the questionnaire.  Please reply to that for more details.
Plastic & Paper Incinerator of 50 Kg/Hr Capacity + small rural hospital / medical waste incinerator & incinerator for disposal of domestic garbage . kindly send prices, layout, photos anf Video for different incinerator & price & availability of Incinerators.  > Send Inquiry
> I have sent you the mail. Please check it.
Dear sir, we require 37 pcs of incinerator Specification as follows Type - Box type portable Incinerator Chamber capacity - 10 to 20 kg Wastage type Bio medical waste/ Chemical waste/ Other waste. Insulation : ceramic Blanket/ Firebricks Firing : Push Button Automatic Chimney : 120 Mm On The Top Of Incinerator Primary Chamber Burner Type : Lpg Fired / Electric Fired Burner Temperature : 850 - 1050 \'C Temp. Of Lower Chamber : 850 \'C Temp. Of Upper Chamber : 1050 \'C Kindly Quote Your Lowest Rates For Incinerator for Our Esteemed Order   > Send Inquiry
> Quotation is sent today. Please check it and give us your contact number for further discussion.
Medical waste incinerator. There is bidding for a contract to supply of the Incinerator - Contract Period: 12 Calendar Months. Destination Port:Tema Harbour, Accra-Ghana, West Africa. Payment Terms: (Negotiable) Supply Terms: The Supply Commences 90 Days. If you are capable of supplying the said Medical waste incinerator, quickly get back to me with your CIF price and also let me know the maximum quantity you can supply within the stipulated contract period of 12 months which will be submitted to the Contract Project Committee Board for approval. Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.  > Send Inquiry
> Replied the mail. Please check & note that, Our company will not pay for any type of registration. We will not accept the order without 50% Advance and will never dispatch the material without 100% Payment. The commission on the order will also paid after completion of Payment.
We have great pleasure to introduce ourselves as service provider, General Trading & Contracting Co. in Kuwait. We are preparing for pre qualification submission in Ministry of Health for Medical Waste Incinerator maintenance & associate services. They are planing to replace their installed incinerator with a modern technology, concerning this reason they need a Kuwaiti Company who have a agency of modern technology incinerator. After getting a information about your company from your website, we would like to place offer to you that if you are interested to do this work you may enter your company under our name we will assist you from begin g till end, but you have to issue a agency letter on our company name to make enable us to enter your company.  > Send Inquiry
> Replied the complete mail. Please check it.
We have a request for municipal incinerator. Below are basic info: - Capacity : 1000 kg per day - Type : Air controlled - Standard : 2000/76/EC - Main Fuel : Gasoil - Alternative Fuel : Natural Gas and We would like to have the cost of BMW incinator quotation for 40 kg/Hr. incinerator  > Send Inquiry
> The details are incomplete, though, I have sent you a mail. Please check it.
Required an incinerator to burn 100kg/day of garabage waste from hotel. Food Waste, Plastic Waste, Agro Waste, Sanitary Waste, Dry Leaf of Garden, Dead Animal, House Hold Waste, Clinic and Medical waste, Electronic Waste, Plastic Wire, Rubber Tyre, Paint, Sludge and other general waste incinerator required.  Please Quote and send msg on My Whats App Number also.  > Send Inquiry
> It's General Waste Incinerator for 100 Kg per Day. I have sent you the Quotation and sent the details on your WhatsApp also.
Dear Sir/Madam: We have learned about your esteemed organization through the internet. We are looking for 2 incinerators for GREEN Environment (one with the capacity of 2,500 kg/hr and the other with 1,000 – 1,250 kg/hr) to be used for cuttings polluted with oil. Kindly provide us with separate price quotes for each one (since they will be purchased at different time intervals) CIF to Basrah – Iraq. We are Engineering Consultants in Middle East and one of the most prominent groups in the  operating in the various fields of environment and development with a core environmentally oriented philosophy. We are a multi-disciplinary consultancy and technology provider. Our portfolio and interests includes solid waste management, recycling, hazardous, medical and toxic waste management, alternative and renewable energy, air pollution abatement and emission control, natural and cultural heritage management, eco-tourism, , coastal zone management, sustainable development, capacity building institutional capacity, training programs and environmental awareness programs. The headquartered in Cairo, Egypt and has partners from different regions of the world that provide its clients with the required materials and expertise for its commitments, such as United States of America, United Kingdom, Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, China, Australia, Uganda, Morocco, Brazil, India, Russia and Czech Republic Canada, Korea, Cyprus., Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Sudan, Libya, Syria and Yemen.  > Send Inquiry
> Very Good. The information provided with the mail is good enough for sending you the offer. I have sent you the mail with our Catalogs & Detailed Quotation with technical details. I have attached the details of Emission Standards and norms for Incinerator with the mail. Please check it. Thanks.
We need a 35Kg/Hr Solid Medical Waste Incinerator. The offer Required for All size with price list.  > Send Inquiry
> Offer sent by email. Please check it.
Please Send quote for different models of medical incinerator with technical specifications and catalogs
Our client looking for hydraulic loading system for waste inside the incinerator, if you can, kindly provide us with cost for this system ASAP. We also required an incinerator for govt supply. Details is attached.
 > Send Inquiry
> Thanks. I have already replied to your mail. Please check it. Thanks.

Just Send us the details like, Which type of waste do you want to incinerate? (Solid / Semi Sloid, Paste type,  Liquid or Gaseous type) As much details of waste as possible or send a Sample of your waste. How much Quantity do you want to incinerate? (Per Day & Per Hour) Which Emission Standards do you want to follow? We are All Waste Disposal "Incinerator System Manufacturer" in India

Contact Us: Once we get the details, We will send you complete detailed Quotation with technical specifications.

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