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We Provide the Services for Incinerator Design, Modification of Incineration, Upgradation of Incinerators, Services / Repairs & Maintenance of Incinerator, etc. In most of the cases, After few years, the Incinerators requires Refrectory Lining, Firesafe / Fireproof Lining inside the Combustion Chambers of Incinerator. We provide Bricks Lining in Burning Chambers of Incinerators, Furnace, Fire Chambers, Duct Lines, Smoke Lines, Scrubbers, Chimney, etc. 

Due to Large Experience of the field, the company take Maintenance Contract and Service Contract also with Repairing & Upgradation of the Incinerators. The Company Provides the Services to so many companies in India for Their current Incinerators. Not only that, the company also take Design Contracts, Upgradation Contract and Installation Contracts from the Incinerators manufacturers also. The Company Provides Services for Upgrade, Job Work, Repair or Service Incinerator, Convert Incinerator for Other Waste or Add Heat Recovery System in Incinerator.

The company has searved to wide Range of Incinerators from 10 Kg per hour to 2500 Kg per Hour for almost All Type of Waste from any industry, Like Bio-Medical, Hospitals, Medical college, Medical research Centers, Animal Houses, Dead Body Storage Homes, Animal Crushing, Pharmaceutical Industry, Hotel Waste like meat & Chicken bones, Hazards waste (Insect / Pesticides), Municipal Waste, Sludge Waste, Automobile Waste, Paper Mills / Peper Industry waste, Textile Mills / Textile Industry waste, Chemical Waste, Oil Paint Waste, Plastic Waste (with High Carbon contents), Rubber Tyre & Rubber Industry waste, Engineering Waste / Waste Water, Electronics Waste or any other waste Incinerators. The Company has Technical Experts to Make Analysis and report for Your Waste and able to provide you the Perfect though Low Cost Incinerators. 

If your incinerator requires breakdown Maintenance frequently, please contact us for proper training of the incinerators. Ask us for the manual, FAQ, Easy Running Guidelines for incinerators, if required. We also provide preventive Maintenance guide for any of your Incinerator. 

We provide Free Visit to Check your Incinerator and If you need any type of free help online, You can contact us.


Service / Maintenance of Incinerator Upgradation / modification of Incinerators
Service / Maintenance of Incinerator Upgradation / modification of Incinerators


Diagram of Solid Waste Incinerator

Just Send us the details like, Which type of waste do you want to incinerate? (Solid / Semi Sloid, Paste type,  Liquid or Gaseous type) As much details of waste as possible or send a Sample of your waste. How much Quantity do you want to incinerate? (Per Day & Per Hour) Which Emission Standards do you want to follow? 

Contact Us: Once we get the details, We will send you complete detailed Quotation with technical specifications.

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